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Wish-Making with “the Dancing Fairy” Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci is one of today's most respected inspirational entertainers. Beside her work as a personal development & healing facilitator, Monica has been working as a dance and theatre performer since 90s. She toured in Italy, Europe and Quebec with several companies in awards winning shows. Also known as "the Dancing Fairy" and "the Starlight Woman", Monica can make your event unique and unforgettable by creating a magical atmosphere, bringing light and lightness to you and your guests also through dance, story-telling and the art of "wish-making", adding a sparkle of Burlesque if, when and where it's appropriate. Monica is an accredited author, public speaker, mind-body coach & healing facilitator, artist and performer, highly acknowledged internationally in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth also as a Tarot reader, astrologer and channel. Advisor to show business stars and VIPs worldwide, Monica helps people connect with their hidden resources effectively for optimal health, success and happiness. She speaks fluent English, French and Italian. Her interventions are always punctuated by humour and positivity to make people feel uplifted. Author of several books about healing, astrology and the art of Tarot, Monica has been performing since the 1990s, lighting up with her magical presence TV and Radio shows (CFMB Radio Montréal, Videomusic, TM2, RAI Italian Radio&TV), art exhibitions, book signings, medieval festivals (Médiévales de Lanaudière), meetings and corporate events (Vodafone), as well as countless corporate and private events.

Booking info

Starting at: $ 280
Included: Group activity aimed at making your guest feel entertained & uplifted. Based on the Law of Attraction, it includes story-telling/dancing to introduce your guests to the magical language of Faeries and Genies - the same language spoken by human unconscious mind. Your guests will get a transformational tool through fun. Wish-making group activity can be integrated with one-to-one wish-making facilitation session lasting 5-10 minutes for each guest. The intervention can last between 1h30 and 3 hours.
Gig duration: 1h30


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