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Alejandra Cifuentes Diaz

Private and public concerts. Classical piano (from Baroque to Romantic era). 1 set between 45 and 75 minutes without intermission. 2 sets of 45 minutes with a 15 minute pause between each set. Possibility of talking about the pieces and the composers if interested in a little musical history during the concert.

Booking info

Starting at: $ 800
Included: Solo / piano 4 hands / piano and recorder / piano and clarinet -
  • 1 hour rehearsal before time of public's entrance in hall / 1 hour conversational time with the public at the end of the concert
Gig duration: 1h30


Setup Requirements

  • Tuned acoustic piano (preferably gran piano, size not important) / if piano 4 hands, include 2 normal size benches or 1 large to seat 2 people together

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