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Layan Bellydance

I am a three-time gold medal winning professional Egyptian-style belly dancer who has trained over the past ten years in Canada, the US and Egypt. I am known for my fluid, graceful style and my ability to draw in and dazzle my audience. Available for performance sets ranging between 10-25 minutes, with or without props (veil, cane, wings or finger cymbals). Can perform to classical/oriental, beledi, sha'by and sa'idi pieces, as well as other folklore styles from the MENA region. I dance to both live and recorded music, and will customize my setlist for your event. Not available for bachelor parties.

Booking info

Starting at: $ 150
Included: Bellydance Show (full-length) -
  • 25 minutes of continuous performance and audience participation, including up to 2 props
Bellydance Show (short) -
  • 15 minutes of continuous performance & audience participation, including 1 prop
Gig duration: 30 min / 15 min
Service: Belly Dancer


Setup Requirements

  • Secure changing room
  • Sound system

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