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Marcio Melo

Can you imagine painting, having fun and creating a collaborative work of art under the guidance of a professional artist in the company of your friends, colleagues or family? I have done over 200 collaborative murals in the last 18 years and I believe we can do it. Over the course of the day, we will create a mural reflecting your chosen theme on a wall or surface of your choice. All ages and artistic capabilities are welcomed. At the end of the day, a large work of art will enhance your living or working or leisure space, and you will feel proud of your contribution to this memorable event.

Booking info

Starting at: $ 800
Included: The one day $800 workshop includes my services for the day and the material (paint, brushes, markers and other supplies) to create the mural. The client is resposible to provide the suitable surface to paint on (wall, primed plywood).
Gig duration: 6h
Service: Decoration


Setup Requirements

  • The client is responsible to provide the suitable surface to paint on (wall, primed plywood).

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