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Mermaid Marielle

HIRE A MERMAID Entertain your friends, guests and clients at your next event!  Ask us about pool parties, trade shows and upscale events! Booking and Pricing: Please email me with the date, time slot, event or project details, and specific address.  Contact: info@aquamermaid.com or 1-866-279-2767

Booking info

Starting at: $ 150
Included: Mermaid Party - Mermaid Entertainer -
  • A beautiful mermaid will be swimming, taking photos and playing games with kids.
Mermaid Party -Swim Like a Mermaid -
  • 1 hour swimming class where 7 participants will transform into beautiful mermaids and learn how to swim with mermaid tails. Available for kids and adults (minimum age 7yrs, participants must know how to swim).
Gig duration: 60 min / 60 min


Setup Requirements

  • Mermaid parties are hosted at AquaMermaid pool facilities (on Saturdays) or can also be offered at your private pool at any time!

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