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AnimaNature is an organisation which specialises in the vulgarisation of biological sciences for all ages. Our mission is to awaken the environmental conscience of our listeners, by presenting biological subjects through the lens of educative, interactive and playful animations. At AnimaNature, we offer presentations out of the ordinary and perfect for any public. With us, you will enjoy an experience filled with biological discoveries, exciting stories and interactions with extraordinary creatures. So much fun awaits! No matter the occasion, our presentations are very adjustable depending on your needs. Many workshops are also offered, adding to the experience!

Booking info

Starting at: $ 200
Included: The Wonderful World of Insects -
  • A more educative section (40-50%) and a section for the manipulation of live insects and animals (50%).
Gig duration: 1h15


Setup Requirements

  • I will bring everything I need, but if you have a projector or special requests, let me know

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