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Ka-Boum! is the new pyrotechnic show from Les Feux de la Mascarade. 20 minutes of constant WOW without interruption. The show is fully choreographed on swinging rythms and is some next level, never seen before fire performance!

A stilt walking fire breather, choreographies of high level technique, renowned artists who know how to communicate with their public and of course glitters, sparkles and wow effects!

N.B. Please keep in mind the show duration is of 20 minutes.

Booking info

Starting at: $ 2850
Included: Fully choregraphed fire breathing, stilt walking and pyrotechnic show of 20 minutes. Three fire artists performing, with one on stilts. and three pyrotechnicians. Assurances, licences, and taxes included.
Gig duration: 15 min


Setup Requirements

  • Circular perimeter of 30m without vegetation or obstacles (plywood stages and lawn are accepted)
  • Crowd barrier around the perimeter
  • Sound system and speakers
  • 20' x 16' stage

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